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Philippines Relief Needs

Wow!  What a HUGE blessing it is to see God's people come together, in midst of the pandemic, to support and love on our brothers and sisters in the Philippines!

Thank you for your generous donations, YNLA!

and a special thanks to:

Andrew S. Lee

Bo Kyung Chung

Christine & Insu Yo

Debbie & Han Chung

Donathan Duong

Donna Kim

Esther & Eddie Kim

Gene Hong

Gloria & Henry Yoo

Helen & John Kang

Hyung Jin Yun

Jaime Bae

James J. Lee

Janet & Robert Cho

Joanne Kang

John Kim

Liberty & Eugene Lee

Rebecca & Daniel Joo

Samantha Kim

Sarah & Rick Kim

Suzanna Lee

Tak Chiang


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